Compounding Pharmacy Shocked after New England Event

A midwestern compounding pharmacy’s insurance program was up for renewal shortly after the New England Compounding Center news broke. Their insurer offered a 400% premium increase on their renewal. After contacting the organization found the insurer had also attempted to insert several troublesome exclusions into their policy their broker had not caught. By documenting their control process and approaching underwriters direct the pharmacy was able to secure a flat renewal with expanded coverage.

Retail Pharmacy Confounded by Landlord’s Requirements

The building a retail pharmacy had occupied for a decade switched owners, when the lease was renewed onerous insurance requirements were inserted into the lease. By working with the owners were able to push back on the requirements and obtain favorable lease terms that fit their current insurance program.

Mail Order Pharmacy Concerned about Privacy

A mail order pharmacy contacted to discuss the possible of insuring against the cost of breaches of patient data. A string of high profile events had them worried against the catastrophic cost of a breach of their security. They were able to secure a insurance policy that covered all costs related to a cyber attack or an old fashioned loss of paper files.