Can I change carriers without creating a gap in coverage?

In most cases, yes. We offer a full review of your current insurance program and an analysis of the implications of moving insurance carriers. We can generally match terms flawlessly to ensure a smooth transition.

With the recent meningitis outbreak, what insurance concerns are raised?

The incident has put underwriters on edge and carefully managing underwriters is important to placing a favorable program. The biggest issue it raises is for companies with large deductible. With multiple claims coming out of similar circumstances does one deductible apply or one for each claimant? We will help ensure your self insured costs are limited and manageable.

Do you offer insurance for employment related claims?

We offer specialized employment practices insurance products. Discrimination, harassment and overtime related claims have been growing exponentially in recent years for health care providers. Pharmacies have so far been fairly insulated from the claim but the exposure is growing.

How quickly can I purchase coverage?

We have the systems to quote and bind insurance for most lines of coverage over the phone for most pharmacies. However, the more time we have the more options we can secure for you.

We are debating a merger or acquisition, can you help?

Yes, insuring a merger or acquisition can be extremely expensive. We can work with you to put the proper coverage in place ahead of time and ensure that your insurance program is seen as an asset and not a liability by any potential suitors.

Liability insurance appears to be your focus, can you provide quotes for our lines?

We have expert brokers and the ability to cover any line of insurance. By using on specialist broker we can provide a program that avoids gaps in coverage or the cost of duplicate coverage.