Wisconsin Couple Loses Case over Birth Control Mix Up

A Wisconsin couple has lost a suit against a clinic for the costs of raising an unexpected child. The clinic had admitted it had given the women prenatal vitamins instead of birth control by mistake.

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New England Compounding Center and the Meningitis Cases

Much has been written about and much will continue to be published on the tragedy involving the meningitis contamination at New England Compounding Center. At least fifty federal lawsuits have been filed in nine states. The pharmacy owners have laid off workers, surrendered their licenses and filed for bankruptcy. It is unclear the extent of their insurance program or if the plaintiffs will go after the pharmacists and company officers personally.

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Wal-Mart Sued after Wrong Medication Caused Heart Attack

Linda Adams, a New Orleans woman, is suing Wal-Mart and it’s pharmacist after she suffered a heart attack. The woman claims she took her pills in the manner as prescribed by her doctor but her heart began to beat rapidly and she later suffered a heart attack at a local hospital. Adams claims that the after examining the bottle further she found two different types of pills.

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Teen who Suffered Nerve Damage from Stolen Drugs Wins $4.1M Settlement

Scott Simon, a 17 year old New Jersey teen, took several stolen Xanax at a party in 2007 and suffered permanent nerve damage. He sued the pharmacy where the drugs were taken from  for not taking proper precautions to stop the theft of drugs. He later settled for $4.1M in late 2011.

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